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Convenient Seamless Gutters in Grand Blanc, MI Reduces Cleaning Needs

Fall is the season most perfect for people to prepare for cooler weather. Homeowners take great pains during autumn to ensure that their residence is ready for winter since leaving a house unclean and unprepared can lead to higher energy and heating bills. A feature on the Upper Michigan’s Source website dated September 16, 2014 details how homeowners can prevent thermal heat loss during winter by cleaning and repairing their homes during fall. Some of the tips suggested by the article include:

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It's in the winter that many homeowners see their energy bills drastically increase. So how can you keep your bills down?

A house loses energy two ways by thermal heat loss which happens through surfaces, and air infiltration and exfiltration.

Some of the main spots to look for are leaky doors and drafty windows.

Also make sure your gutters are cleared of debris and your outdoor houses are disconnected to prevent freezing.

Roof gutters might sound unrelated to thermal heat loss during winter, but they can be one of the biggest causes of roof damages, which can certainly lead to poor insulation and reducing heating capacities. Clogged gutters can turn into destructive ice dams during winter, forcing frozen water to back up and in between roofing tiles or shingles. In severe cases, the ice can pry open the shingles or tiles, causing leaks and exposing the home to the elements. Homeowners might want to install protective seamless gutters in Grand Blanc, MI from companies such as Affordable Seamless Gutters to prevent these ice dams from forming.

Gutters need to be free of debris in order to prevent ice dams; without debris to choke the downspout, water can harmlessly flow out of the gutters without any freezing problems. Although homeowners have the option to simply clean their gutters every now and then to prevent freezing, it would be much more convenient to have seamless gutters in place that prevent debris from even causing clogs. To further discourage ice dam formations, exposed eaves in Grand Blanc, MI can be outfitted with soffit vents to regulate attic temperatures.

(Source: Getting your house ready for winter,, Sept. 16, 2014)

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