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Soffit and Fascia Installations for a Beautiful Home

Soffit and Fascia, two trusted terms that help maintain and protect your home's beauty. With a soffit and fascia system installed, you will be saved the constant expense, time, and worry of repainting those eaves every few years for maintenance. The beauty of your home is one of your greatest sources of pleasure. Professional installations of your soffit and fascia add both beauty and style to your home.


Soffit and Fascia Defined

Soffits are the exposed surface located below the exterior overhanging section of a roof’s eaves, allowing air to circulate. Its main function is to draw heat and moisture away from the house so that rotting rafters and sheathing can be avoided. Made from highly durable material, soffits can withstand moisture and heat exposure. Soffits not only protect your roof from damage, it also helps regulate the temperature within the attic and house.

The fascia is the vertical finishing edge mounted at the ends of the area where the roof is attached to the gutter. Just like the functional role of the soffit, the fascia protects against water damage by acting as cover between the roof’s edge and the outdoors. The aesthetic appearance of the roof also increases with the fascia because it gives a smooth and even appearance to the roof’s edge. 



Soffit and Fascia design adds beauty and elegance to your home while giving benefits such as:


  • Properly installed systems help control attic temperature and reduce Ice Dam build-ups.

  • Durable finishes completely relieve you the worry of repainting under eaves for maintenance.

  • Repairing your system now saves you from future damages due to improper or out-of-date systems that no longer work effectively.

  • Add equity, add elegance, and add durability with every install!

High Quality and Cost-Effective Services

At Affordable Seamless Gutters, we know the important role of a gutter system on every home. Our 13 years of experience in the industry enables us to meet and exceed your expectations every time. The materials we use for soffits, fascia, and eaves are guaranteed to endure heavy snowfall, high winds, and torrential rains. 

For expert installation of eaves in Grand Blanc, MI, trust in Affordable Seamless Gutters. We are fully licensed and insured in providing gutter system services that will protect your home’s structure while adding appeal to the exterior. With our seamless gutters, you can avoid the heftier costs of unchecked weather damage and add more value to your home. 


Call us at (810) 343-6380 for installation of seamless gutter system and gutter covers. We also provide clean-up and repair of gutters and downspouts. Our service areas include South Eastern and Mid-Michigan. To learn more about our services, please visit our Contact Us page. 

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