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Springtime Checklist: Time for Seamless Gutters in Grand Blanc, MI?

Old Man Winter seemed to be more furious this winter season than in previous ones. In fact, according to recent news report by Mark Torregrossa in back, this winter's snowfall in Michigan was noteworthy. In particular, the snowfall in the cities of Detroit and Flint, where the suburb of Grand Blanc is located, came close to beating all-time records.

"The record snowfall in Flint is 82.9 inches back in 1974-1975. Currently Flint has had 81.8 inches of snow this winter. So Flint only needs another 1.2 inches of snow to set a record. That should be pretty easy to do. That should happen by sometime next week."

Grand Blanc is no stranger to heavy snowfall and the local government already has systems in place to address such events, such as school and work cancellations. Many homeowners, meanwhile, prepare their homes for the impact of winter through reinforcement measures done weeks before the first snowfall. One of these preparation measures is installing seamless gutters in Grand Blanc, MI to ensure the smooth flow of snowmelt.

Still, there may be homeowners who didn't get a chance to winter-proof their home, and may now be facing the problem of damaged gutters. For instance, homeowners who failed to clear their gutters of dirt and debris like leaves, twigs, and acorns are likely to deal with the problem of ice dams. The formation of ice dams can be the result of clogged gutters which caused the accumulation of ice and snow.

Accumulated ice and snow can also strain and weigh down gutter systems. As a result, homeowners will have to deal with sagging gutters, or gutters that are pulling away from the house. Durable fastening systems can secure these gutters back into place.

Unfortunately, some gutter systems can be severely damaged that they can no longer be restored. In such cases, homeowners can consider this as a good opportunity to have durable seamless gutters in Grand Blanc installed by reliable contractors like Affordable Seamless Gutters. Unlike regular gutters which are created from several sections of metal, seamless gutter systems are formed from a single sheet of metal, resulting in an unbroken structure.

Time and again, experts remind homeowners to winter-proof their home to better protect it from winter elements. However, those who failed to fulfill winter maintenance tasks won't have to endure damaged gutter systems. These homeowners can look into gutter repair or replacement services courtesy of professional contractors.

(Source: Michigan snowstorm recap: How much snow fell, and how close does that bring us to record snowfall?,, March 12, 2014)

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